Teamwork is both an act and an attitude. Its different than the ideal and value of "brotherhood" in that it requires action. Whereas brotherhood is about belonging, teamwork is about doing. When our cadets graduate and become Lieutenants and Platoon Leaders in today's Army engaged in the Long War, they must understand how to foster the value of teamwork in their units. A single rope strand by itself is weak, but when twined together to form a rope, it can help pull tremendous weights.

Team handball is a game of teamwork. A team of more talented individuals will fall to a group of less talented athletes who work together. The rules of the game favor the offense, so it takes supreme teamwork to effectively defend and defeat an effective offensive scheme. Our guys may not have the greatest technical skills, those that take years to learn though experience, but they will not be out hustled or out desired in an effort to work together for the win.

Our defense must function as one unit to be effective. One lapse in judgment or concentration is enough to allow the offense to score
Our defense working together - a clean hit and a heads up steal starts our fast break

Some other imagery about the power of teamwork...

Team Work - West Point Men's Team HandballTeam Work - West Point Men's Team Handball

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