Our Core Values

Teamwork. Honor. Brotherhood.

A message from former Head Coach Major Adam Hodges, who was instrumental in selecting Teamwork, Honor, and Brotherhood as team values.

Webster defines a "value" as something such as a principle or quality that is intrinsically desirable as an end to itself. DCA sponsors and DPE governs competitive clubs for many reasons, the chief of which is the opportunity to teach character lessons through competitive sport. The competitive sports committee at DPE works hard to emphasize the core values that each of its club teams embrace. We as a team will adopt the triad of "teamwork, honor, and brotherhood". I will foster a command climate that emphasizes the pursuit of these values. This is my pledge to the team, our opponents, and our fans.

These values dictate how we play the game of handball and how we conduct ourselves on and off the court. No one player is above the team. A victory is hollow if it comes at the price of honor. We will bond together with current and former players and coaches in unity and lift each other up to a level which we could not individually achieve. Teamwork. Honor. Brotherhood. West Point Men's Team Handball.