Historical Photos

Our first season to capture the College National Title
1976 Team Photo
1976-1977 Men's Team Handball

Coach Jim Thome in 1976
Coach Thome in action, 1976

Coach Thome in 1977
Coach Thome in 1977

1977 Craig Gilbert
Craig Gilbert shoots
1977-1978 Team Photo

The 1977-1978 Team which featured:

- Craig Gilbert, Olympian

- Peter Lash , Olympian

- Joe James, USA National Team

Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball
Future Olympian Peter Lash shoots on a fast break against Gettysburg College

Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball

Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team HandballThe team did not capture the college title this season, but they did finish second in the West Point Invitational, the highest that we've ever finished. In this photo, Mark Mills squeezes between two teammates defending him in a Hayes gym practice session.

Army capped another year with another college championship in addition to victories at the Greater DC Open at Ft. Meade, Md in an overtime victory over SSC. The team played well in International competition posting a 3-2 record at the Estran Cup at Laval University in Canada before taking the College Title in Colorado Springs, CO.
Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball

Another college championship year for the Army team. Team captain was a future head coach, Mike Endres.
1986 Team Photo

Back Row: Steve Hillary, Bill Turner, Glenn Yeaw, Matt Preston, Jeff Bradford, Tom Hoenstein, Pat Bearse, Joe Chatfield, Tony Johnson

Front Row
: Jody Petrey, Mike Gajewski, Jeff Hadjuk, Marc Moyer, Mike Endres, Dwayne Romero, Neil Freeman, Rick Tollifson

Garden City took gold at the 11th West Point Invitational.
1987 Laszlo receive trophy
1987 WPI Winners - Garden City

Another season, another college title for West Point's Black. Here they are sporting their title medals.
Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball
Back Row: Marty Wegner, Stu Kinderr, Vic Lindenmeyer, John Newman, Ken Stevens, Kevin Hutchinson, Chip Anderson, Warren Smith, Jim Rupkalvis, Dave Bushee, Matt Van Houten

Front Row: Rehtt Nichol, Kevin Wainwright, Le Haikal, John Zierdt, Cem Hacinglu, Kevin Volk

Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball
Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball

West Pointers at US Olympic Festival 1989, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma sponsored by the US Olympic Committee

From L to R:
Jon Neumann ’89, Rhett Nichol ’91, Kevin Hutchison ’90, Vic Lindenmeyer ’91, Jim Thome ’68 [Coach, Gold Medal East Women], Skip Anderson ’89, Kevin Volk ’89, Stu Kinder ’89 and Matt Van Houten ’89

This year's squad brought home the college title from the tournament in Reno, Nevada.
1990 Team Photo
Back Row:
Rob Reddis, Harlan Hutcheson, Jeff Gabel, Tim Duekman, Ken Stevens, Jim Rupkalvis, Steve Johnson, Will Torpey

Middle Row: Jay Fowler, Kevin Wainwright, Kevin Hutchison, Rhett Nichol, Vic Lindenmeyer, Dave Bushee, Brad Holden

Front Row: Tom Djurdjevitch, Travis Hanson, Steve Smith, Glen Hopkins, John Zierdt, James Thome, Berkley Baker

1990-1991 Team Photo

This year's squad defeated the top team in the Canadian-American league during league play and brought home the Blue Cup for the second year in a row. A 27-19 victory over Air Force sealed the college national championship, while finishing 3rd in the second division of nationals and fourth at our own highly-competitive tournament.
1992 Team Photo
Back Row: Harlan Hutcheson, Geoff Webb, Scott Longford, Derek Hasty, Steve Johnson, Marc Benjamin, Don Roy, Jason Schroeder, Scott Polk, Will Torpey

Second Row: Geoff Adams, Kevin Clark, Eric Warren, Decker Cammack, Micheal Thornberry, David Francomb, Aaron Morgan

Front Row: Steve Smith, JT Thome, Dan Taylor, Marcus Gaccione, Scott Aita, Bart Martin
1992 Jason Schroeder Shoots
Jason Schroeder in action in Hayes Gym

The team fared well in the Canadian-American League with three victories over top Canadian teams and finishing seventh in our own highly competitive tournament. We finished a close second at Carolina's Blue Cup and defeated Air Force for the 5th year in a row to take the college title for the 14th time since 1976. Army finished fourth at nationals, loosing to eventual national champion Garden City by only two goals.
1993 Team PhotoBack Row: CPT Roland Jacobs, Derek Hasty, Matt Fix, Scott Langford, Decker Cammack, Devon Hatfield, Chris Nottcher, Don Roy, Andrew Benjamin, Jason Schroeder, Mike Thornberry, Richard Heine

Second Row: Dwight Peters, James Healey, Bart Martin, Brian Wortinger, Spencer Kympton, Dan Taylor, Aaron Morgan

Front Row: Geoffrey Adams, Jame Thome, Zachary Sikes, Scott Polk, Andrew Smith, Marcus Gaccione, Robert Conlin

1995 College Champs Plaque

Army Black takes the college championship over Air Force for the fourth straight year. This senior class never lost to the Zoomies. Despite defeating the defending national champs in the first day of competition at nationals, the team lost two close games and finished 8th.
1996 Brad McNeilly
Brad McNeilly shoots
1996 Chris Springer
Future head coach Chris Springer takes a shot

Another collegiate championship for the black squad, this time taking the title in Columbia, SC. The Black also took second at the Blue Cup and 4th at Nationals in Orlando, FL.
1997 Team Photo
Army Black (Back Row): MAJ Mike Endres, Jeff martinez, Ryan Strom, Matt Sabatino, Chris Springer, Jonathan Hartley, Reubin Felkey, Dave Borden, Thad Weist, J. Kohowski, Keff Kunard, MAJ Greg Wise, Matt Farmer.
1997 Starting Six
Black's starting line-up at the West Point Invitational (old Hayes Gym L-R): Sabatino, Springer, Hartley, Strom, Borden, Weist
1997 Nationals at Disney
1997 Nationals at Disney World (L-R): John Hartley, Thad Weist, Dave Borden, Chris Springer, Jeff Martinez, Ryan Strom
1997 - Outside Arvin
Outside Arvin before the tournament (L-R): Dave Borden, Chris Springer, Ryan Strom, Taylor Endres, MAJ Mike Endres, Jonathan Hartley

The Black squad took home Carolina's Blue Cup with a victory over the top squad from Garden City Athletic Club. Not faring quite as well at nationals, the team brought home the bronze in Atlanta.
1998 Team Photo

Back: MAJ Mike Endres, Mark Bennett, Josh Bookout, Josh Soper, Rodric Pauletto, J. William Kohowski, Lawrence Martin, Jonathan Hartley, Reuben Felkey, Jeff Martinez, Matt Farmer.

: Mike Gilmartin, Matt Fromback, Ryan Smith, Thad Weist, Rick Capka, Joe Hudak, Jeff Kunard

The USA team was heavily populated with current and recent USMA grads and supplemented with AFA zoomies. Though the final standings were less than hoped for, the team played well against the likes of Holland and Nigeria and even beat the Belgian squad, 29-25.
Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball

2000 - Kevin Hutchison shooting for Knight Air
Kevin Hutchison playing for Knight Air in the 2000 West Point Invitational. Knight Air would win the tourney.

2001 Team Photo
2001 Pete Exline in Sports Illustrated
Pete Exline in SI's "Faces in the Crowd"
2001 - Sean Morrow in Pointer View

2003 Black Squad
2003 Full Team Photo


2004-2005 Team PhotoCoach: MAJ Samuel "Kyle" Simpson

Roster: (alphabetical) Justin Anderson, Kirby Atwell, Joshua Birenbaum, Benjamin Boyd, Johnathan Carter, Layne Christopher, Micheal Conway, Steven Davis, Alex Deep, Keith Fine, Andrew Fortune, Nicholas Fullmer, Sandro Carcia, Drew Hanson, Scott Harr, Alex Hensley, Adam Kenyon, Valton King, Cannon Kinnard, Brian Lucas, Robert McPeak, Alexander Mullin, Richard Pace, Scott Pace, Javier SanJuan, jaime SanJuan-Rubio, Justin Seehusen, John Thomas, Allen Von Plinsky, Chrisopther Young

Army takes the first Coach Springer's two college titles this season.
2007 Nationals - Dave Borden
Dave Borden ('97) at the 2007 Nationals for Knight Air against Army.
2006-2007 Team Photo
OIC: CPT Chris Springer, Asst Coach: Matt Sabatino
Players (Alph Order): Jake Abramowitz, Michael Aldaya, Eric Davis, Kieth Fine, Luke Freshwater, Luis Hare, Jonathan Harmeling, Darin Hunter, Adam Kenyon, Justin Key, Conner Lewis, Andrew Maybille, Robert McPeak, Daniel Miller, Thomas Moentmann, Alexander Mullin, James Peek, Sorin Portase, Javier San Juan, Jaime San Juan-Rubio, Randy Shed, Elmo Vance, Brian Walsh, Trevor Williams

The Black squad captured the College National Title for the 2nd year in a row, this time hosting the event in April 2008.Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball

The Black squad won the Carolina Blue Cup for the 4th time and the first time in ten years. The team traveled to Germany over spring leave, practicing with Bayern Dormagen and scrimmaging with teams in the Colonge area. The team defeated Air Force twice - once at home in the Armed Forces Cup and once in Colorado, in the 2nd round of the College championships. We went on to beat UNC for our 23rd College National Title. We didn't fare quite as well at Open Nationals in Chicago. After a thrilling overtime shootout victory over the Miami Sharks on the opening night of the tournament, we stumbled a bit, finishing 8th out of 23 teams.
Nov 2008 - Armed Force Cup Victory

Army Black's winning squad who defeated Air Force on 8 Nov 2008 at West Point to win the Armed Forces Cup Title

Back Row:
MAJ Travis Habhab, Jack Gibson, Marc Beaudoin, Elmo Vance, Thomas Giordano, Brian Walsh, Jason Borchik, Tim Flynn

Front Row: Jake Abramowitz, Justin Key, Greg Durso, Preston Pham, Mike Cappomagi, Tim Wagner, Adam Moore

MAJ Habhab used his Texas A&M connections (he received his MBA from A&M) to arrange an early season trip to the Lone Star State. The team traveled to the Army vs Texas A&M Football game in College Station, TX after defeating the Houston Firehawks the night before. Here the guys take in some shade from the warm September Texas sun.
Historical Photos - West Point Men's Team Handball

The class of 2010 team set new standards for excellence by winning Blue Cup in Chapel Hill, the Commander in Chief Trophy and Falcon Cup at Colorado Springs, and the USATH Collegiate National Championship (4th consecutive year) at Myrtle Beach, SC. The club was a founding member of the inaugural season of the USATH Northeast League. The Black squad also finished a solid 5th in the deepest and largest field of any US club home tourney: our own.
[Untitled]The 2010 Club sent both Black AND Gold to the finals of the College Championships in Myrtle Beach, SC

Back Row (L-R): Tim Flynn, Rickey Royal, Dexter Wise, Preston Pham, Jev Valles, Jared Mullane, Jason Borchik, TJ Giordano, Bob Allibone, Ian Emory, Mike Darden, Kristian Schott, Craig Champlin, Marc Beaudoin, Brendan Reber, Greg Ayers, MAJ Mike Tilton

Front Row (L-R): Greg Durso, Richard Bullis, Adam Moore, Pat Saxby, Kevin Rice, Jack Gibson, MAJ Adam Hodges

Sitting: Tim Wagner

Not Pictured: Andy Theising
The club cross-training with our national champion Judo squad
The Black Squad took in a MLS match in Foxboro during our road trip to Boston during the final leg of the NEL

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