H-4 Hogs

Welcome to Hog Handball!

Coach: Nathan Shaffner

Team Core Values: (No More than 3)
- Dedication- Dedication to self, institution, and others is what seperates us from others. People don't work above and beyond for themselves, they do it for those around them.
- Honor- Honor is doing the right thing when no one is looking. Whether it is on the field or off the field, a true warrior must strive to always do what is right
- Selflessness- If someone is willing to lay everything on the line for the sake of another, then that organization is unstoppable.

Team Goals: (No More than 3)
- Play 100% every day
- Improve ourselves not only as athletes, but also as future soldiers
- No matter what the outcome, always give credit where credit is due


Mallory Aaron 12
Snyder Kyle 14
Marken Michael 13
Lucas Joe 12
Harrigan Ashford 13
Roger Sara 13
Warntjes Micah 14
Anderson Kaitlyn 13
Kappes Josh 13
Corbett Christian 13

Name: Noelle A Kerr
Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI
What you expect to gain by being a THB Official?
I expect to become proficient in the rules of handball and to learn how to effectively reff a game.

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