H-1 Root Hawgs

Welcome to Root Hawg Handball!

Roothawg Handball!

Coach: Josh Post

Team Core Values:
- Unity- The H1 Roothawgs will play as a team and work together on and off the field. We will cover each others backs and know every team members strengths and weaknesses to complement each other on the playing court. We will practice together in order to ensure that we are a well oiled machine prepared to take on any other team.

- Integrity- Every member of the team will play with honor. We will not argue with referees and we will accept their judgment. We will not cheat in order to get ahead.

- Physical Toughness- Handball is a very physical, fast paced game. We will play hard every minute of every game, go after the ball, be tough on defense, and be agressive on offense.

Team Goals:
- Regimental Champions - We will at least be the 1st Regiment Champions.

- Proficiency in Handball - Almost everyone on Roothawg Handball has never played the game before, but by the end of the season we will be proficient in playing technique and strategy as well as in knowledge of the rules of the game.

- Known for Respect- Roothawg Handball will be known throughout the Corp of Cadets as being not only a superb handball team but also respectful to everyone; players on other teams, officials, and each other.

Training Schedule:
- Tuesday, Sep 7 - 1630-1730: Team Lift at Arvin Gymnasium, 62 Room.
- 1730-1830: Practice on Courts in Central Area

- Thursday, Sep 9 - 1630-1730: Practice on Courts in Central Area
- 1730-1830: Team Lift at Arvin Gymnasium, 62 Room.

- Monday, Sep 13 - 1630-1720: Individual Workout in Arvin Gym, 1730-1820: Scrimmage in Central Area
- Wednesday, Sep 15 - 1630-1720: Scrimmage in Central Area, 1730-1800: Final AAR Before Games Begin, 1800: Early Release for Nininger Award Dinner.

Team Roster:

Last Name First Name Year
Ast Patricia 2014
Benson John 2014
Chang Sally 2012
Chizek Nicholas 2014
Ferrell David 2013
Kim Hee Yeon 2014
Koppa Erika 2013
Markow Victoria 2014
Miller (H3) Croix 2013
Pierce Matthew 2013
White Pheobe 2013
Woodhouse Tyler 2013
Yu Charles 2014
COACH Post 2012

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