G-3 Gophers

Welcome to Gopher Handball!

G-3 Gophers - West Point Men's Team Handball
Back Row, L to R: Tony "Laser" Giori '13, Kevin "Blazer" Zhang '12, Felicia "Bonesaw" Pack '14, Kyle "The Man" Hyneman '11
Front Row, L to R: Lee "Stone Cold" Schade '14, Kim "Nitro" Ford '13, Nate "Bloodthirsty" Wilson '12, Aki "Viper" Awahara '12, Miguel "Malibu" Gordon '12
Not pictured: Harrison "Bearclaw" Mann '12, Ben "Cyclone" Nichols '14

G-3 Gophers - West Point Men's Team Handball
Our Referee, Tom "I am the Law" Rielly, '12. From Buda, Texas, this military history major wants to branch Armor. He's a fan of the Indianapolis Colts, Notre Dame Fightin' Irish, and of course Gopher Team Handball. Mess with him, and you'll be headin to 5 laps faster than you can say "We own the ground!"
Coach: Kyle Hyneman

Team Core Values:
- Character -- As officers, our soldiers will look to us to set the example as a "moral compass," and a lifetime of doing the right thing starts here: holding our heads high after a loss, no trash talking, etc.
- Strength -- Pure, straightforward physical fitness. G3 Handball will run fast and long, throw hard, and jump high. Someone who wants to kill us worked out today... and so have we.
- Guts -- Always place the mission first, never accept defeat, never quit, never leave a fallen comrade. Gopher handball players give 100% effort for every minute of playtime and then some.

Team Goals:
- Regimental Champions -- Nobody else has a dynasty yet, so why shouldn't we start one?
- All Team Members Sportsmanlike at All Times -- We're going to show everyone that Gophers are professionals 24/7.
- Espirit d'Corps Consistantly Improves Throughout Season -- G3 Handball is a tight-knit group that always has each others' backs. The company is our family, and our team is even closer.

(all events on Central Area)
(post-season scheduling info to be posted as it approaches)
9-20 1730 Cocks Nitro 10-8 W
9-22 1630 Bandits Malibu 12-26 L
10-13 1630 Anacondas Cyclone 24-23 W
10-19 1730 Devils Blazer 28-7 W
10-21 1730 Hurricanes Laser 19-12 W
10-25 1730 Eagles Cyclone 18-15 W
11-02 1730 Troop Viper 17-10 W

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