G-2 Gators

Welcome to Gator Handball!
G-2 Gators - West Point Men's Team HandballG-2 Gators - West Point Men's Team Handball

Coach: Justin Schumacher
The Team:
Brett Darden
Jacob Fountain
Nick Hulm
Fergus Cheung
Ian Young
Sam Lowell
Sean Christman
Erik Johnson
Brendan Echausse
Daniel Zagaja
Julius Kim
Asim Lynch
Anderson Hollist
Hannah Stihel

Team Core Values:
- The Gators will always give 100% on the court because we are dedicated to a winning mentality
- The Gators will always exibit a winning mentality because we accept nothing less
- The Gators will be excellent sportsmen and teammates because that is how Gators act
Team Goals:
- The Gator Team will make it to the Team Handball Brigade Championships because we are determined to win
- The Gator Team will show considerable improvement in our Team Handball skills throughout the season because we strive to be the best
- The Gator Team will always remember to be competitive and have fun in both practices and games so that we can become a close-knit team

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