G-1 Greeks

Welcome to Greek Handball!

G1 Team Handball

CA Team Handball
Coach Nickelson 11
Official Wright 11
Last Name Year
Gelman 11
Camp 11
Estorga 11
Randall 11
Huston 11
Klecha 11
Osier-Hutton 13
DeMeo 11
Junta 12
Dwyer 11
Wheeler 11

Coach: Chris Nickelson

Team Core Values: (No More than 3)
-Ambition: We will be an ambitious team always shooting for excellence on the court in every aspect of the game.
-Character: While we will always strive for excellence we will do so never compromising the team character or integrity.
-Fun: Even though we are a team based on ambition and character we will never forget a key part of company athletics—have fun and build a team.
Team Goals: (No More than 3)
-Conditioning: We will train to always be the most conditioned team on the court.
-Attitude: Everyday it will be a explicit goal to set a positive mental attitude on the court and ensure every player feels like a member of the team.
-Improvement: While we are almost all new to the game, we will improve ourselves everyday so we always move forward.

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