F-4 Frogs

Welcome to Frog Handball!
Photo Before First Game
First Game Day
(L to R: Kerry Mian, Brett Krueger, Caroline Spencer, Mike Casares, Matt Arent, Bart Steffy, Josh Peterson, Peter Toberman, Zach Schwatka, and Kyle Kubisiak- not pictured Tyler Marlin)

Silly Team Photo!!


Front Row: (L to R: Myea Rice, Caroline Spencer, Mike Casares, Tyler Marlin, Josh Peterson)
Back Row: (L to R: Kerry Mian, Peter Toberman, Brett Krueger, Matt Arent, Bart Steffy, Kyle Kubisiak, and Adam Lawrence) Not pictured- Zach Schwatka

Caroline Spencer '11

Caroline Spencer

Position: Left Back
Hometown: Valley Center, CA
Interesting Fact:

"We're small but we're big at the same time... Sometimes, you gotta put it out on the table, son."

CDT Spencer contributed to the team by providing impeccable defense against teams we palyed against last week. She prevented several shots from happening as a result of her fearlessness on the line. Great job Caroline!

Arent '12
Casares '12
Jones '14
Krueger '13
Kubisiak '12
Marlin '14
Mian '11
Peterson '12
Rice '11 (coach)
Schwatka '14
Spencer '11
Steffy '13
Toberman '12

kermit supreme terry richardson 4 Terry Richardson x Supreme x Kermit the Frog

Team Core Values:
- Team Cohesion Being a successful team requires team work at all times.
- Motivation It's importatnt to maintain the motivation to continue to work hard--even for company athletics.
- Respect Without respect, the team cannot and will not be successful.
Team Goals:
- Learn Stand ready to acquire new knowledge about the sport
-Grow Cooperate and DOMINATE other teams together
- Win No matter what

Name: Adam Lawrence
Hometown: High Point, NC
What you expect to gain by being a THB Official?
I want to know what it like to get a call wrong and have everyoen yelling at me, but still think that im right and have to stick decision.

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