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F Troop
F-3 F-Troop - West Point Men's Team HandballF-3 F-Troop - West Point Men's Team Handball
F-3 F-Troop - West Point Men's Team Handball
Bryce "Tornado" Martens

Team Core Values:
- Integrity - Troop has the personal integrity to do what is right regardless of the situation.
- Commitment -Troop gives a 100% in practice and on the court because there is no substitute for victory.
- Teamwork - Troop realizes that the biggest key to succeeding in handball is working together as a team to learn and conquer in this new sport.
Team Goals:
- Have a good attitude Learning a new sport can be confusing and frustrating. A team with good attitude will make the most of good and bad situations in practice and on the field. It makes us adaptive to new situations.
- Gain appreciation for handball Many of us have never heard of handball and the culture associated with it. Learning this new sport will give us a better cultural appreciation for things popular in other parts of the world.
- Develop good sportsmanship Good sportsmanship revolves around self discipline. Self discipline prevents emotions from taking over during intense situations.

Campbell, Bradley E '11 25
Verash, Kyle N '11 72
Martens, Bryce A '11 37
Kish, Nathan P '11 40
Brunette, Colby M '12 73
Gonzalez, Amado '12 71
Hughlett, Lacy R '12
East, Kyle R '12 70
Estime, Rebekah R '14
Restrepo, Oswaldo A '14 43
Faughn, Hannah N '14 69


Han, Jung '11

BioF-3 F-Troop - West Point Men's Team Handball

Klenk, Kevin '11
Name: Kevin Klenk
Hometown: New Canaan, CT
Birthday: 25 June
Branch choice: Aviation
Post choice: Not a clue
Major choice: Defense and Strategic Studies

I’m the youngest of six kids from a small-town suburb of New York City. I did a year of college at Bucknell University before coming to West Point, so I can now enjoy Cow Year at age 21. This is my first introduction to Team Handball. Before coming here, I did not know it existed.

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