F-2 Zoo

It's all about Team handball now!

Welcome to the ZOO, GET CRAZY!

Current Coach: Jeff Pierre-Louis, aka "JPL"

Many were caled, but only these select few were chosen to be "Zoo Ballers"

Michell "Fast Break" Clark, Jordan "Biggie" Sorrenti, Alexander "Over the Top" Topitzer, Bull " Molon labe or Gabby" Gabriel, Benjamin "Gut-it-out" Gutz, Enoch "No No" No, Kyle "OMG" O'Grady, Sean "on-off" Ongley, Markos "Strong Arm" Magana, Nathaniel "Rolll out" Rollings and Derek "Hunt" Stanley.

The Zooo Ballers at the middle of Practice 2. One step closer to the Brigade Championship
Team Core Values: VELLE EST POSSE
- Determination: Our unmatched determination is one of the most unique core values that will take us to the Championship game. This year we bring in a fresh squad of highly motivated ballers determined to leave everything on the court and etch each of our names in the annals of ZOO history. Long after we're gone, our successors will remember and cherish not our names but our dedication to victory.

- Sportmanship: It’s the duty of every Zoo baller to ensure that he is playing handball with the qualities and behavior befitting the army leader he is about to become. We pledge to each other to take loss or defeat without complaint, to rejoice victory without gloating and above all to treat our opponent with fairness, generosity and courtesy.

- Technique/Emotional Control: We’re in the business of winning Team Handball games in bunches. To do so, we’ll apply our professionalism to the best conceivable techniques. We do not just show up to “get a grade for company athletics”. We come to exhibit or fines through our patterns, to beat our opponent and to teach much more in defeat than he would learn in victory. Paramount to our superior techniques is our devoted emotional control. Our skills are too much for the tiny court; therefore there’s no room for emotion. Our end state is to win, our mean of getting there is technique and emotional control.



- Win the Brigade Championship:
Good Luck to the 31 other teams that are trying out. This one is ours to get.

-Distinguish ourselves by our action:
We're focus on the little things. We're dedicated to the fundamentals and we're playing our comrades in arm with an open heart. Since we're from the ZOO much more is expected from us thus we act accordingly.

- Develop Character through Team Handball:
At the end of the day... what will we learn?... quis leget haec?

Please contact us for any questions.... 5th Floor Brad Long


- 5 Series

- Eibach Left -Inline 4

-Eibach Right




This week we're destroying C2 on tuesday and we're taking it to D2 (favorited by the Master of the Sword) on Thursday.
Zoo Handball in Action 31 Aug 10
Zoo Ballers hits the court for the first practice of the year... on to the CHAMPIONSHIP
F-2 Zoo - West Point Men's Team Handball

* On the left, our fearless goalie, Derek Stanley, stops a shot from Army Team Handball Co-Captain Adam Moore. A million thanks to Adam for stopping by and showing us how it's done.

** Bottom Left, Kyle O'Grady test the limits of the goalie as he grabs some air and lands the ball in the net.

*** Bottom Right, from a fast break, Enoch No aka "E No" leaps into the six to lob a ball behind the goale.
F-2 Zoo - West Point Men's Team Handball F-2 Zoo - West Point Men's Team Handball

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