F-1 Firehouse

F1 Team Handball
F-1 Firehouse - West Point Men's Team Handball
Welcome to Firehouse Handball!

Coach: Patrick Gutierrez

The Team:
Nels Estvold '13
James Luehrmann '14
Kevin Lumpkins '12
Debraj Mookerjee '13
Mark Pohl '13
Robert Shaffner '14
Mike Wall '13
Sam Wharton '12
James Olwell (H-4) '11
Joseph Murray (A-3) '11
Jacob Hardin (F-3) '12
Mckenzie Hudgins (F-3) '14

Team Core Values:
- Dedication Every player will give 100% at every practice and game
- Cooperation This is a team sport for a reason, no single person can succeed by themselves.
- Motivation Every player will consistently exhibit confidence, despite score or any other circumstances

Team Goals:
- Every player develops a thorough understanding of the sport of handball
-No issues with disrespect or unsportsmanlike conduct
- Finish the season 1st in the Battalion

Training Schedule:
Thursday 9 September: 1630-1720 Scrimmage in Central Area; 1720-1800 Cardio at arvin gym (stairs, '62 room)

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