E-1 Vikings

Welcome to Viking Handball!

E1 Team Handball
Coach Richard Hood
Player Michael Chiaia
Player Olin Kennedy
Player Samuel Brent
Player Benjamin Bowman
Player Kyle Yaxley
Player Shaliya Dehipawala
Player Jason Decoursey
Player Duke Gee
Referee John Stahmer

Coach: Richard Hood
Power Pole
1 G4 Guppies
2 D2 Dragons
3 C1 Crusaders
4 B1
5 B2
6 G1
7 B2 Bulldogs
8 A3 Anacondas
9 G3 Gophers
10 D1

Team Core Values: (No More than 3)
- Dignity: formal reserve or seriousness of manner, appearance, or language. Our team will strive to win while maintaining our dignity. That means we will play hard until the end while maintaining control over our attitudes and our language so as not to disrespect ourselves or our opponents.
- Vivacity: liveliness of temper, conduct, or spirit. As a team, we will maintain high spirits in the face of victory of defeat in order to create a positive image of ourselves and our company. Maintaining high spirits will allow us to control our tempers and conduct ourselves professionally.
- Courage: strength to persevere under all conditions. Our team will be courageous. We will not give up. We will keep striving for a higher level in all that we do whether it be our level of play or the manner in which we conduct ourselves on and off the court, and we will do so even under adverse conditions.

Team Goals: (No More than 3)
- Quickness: ability to move suddenly and with speed. Our team will strive to move hastily and often on a moment’s notice in order to advantage ourselves and disadvantage the enemy by keeping him off guard with our readiness for change on the court.
-Aggressiveness: Eagerness and willingness to take a chance; a boldness bold force. Our team will be aggressive by moving quickly and taking many shots on the goal. We will display only bravery and confidence in our movement so as to discourage the enemy and encourage ourselves.
- Winning record: We want to win more than we lose. A winning record will display that all our effort and all our sweat more often resulted in success than failure. Winning leads to more team joy and an eagerness to play more.

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