D-4 Dukes

Welcome to Duke Handball!

Duke CourageCoach: Nicholle Veltri

Team Core Values:

- Team Cohesion: Build a strong team without division of classes

- Sportsmanship: Learn how to play the sport and be team players

- Dedication: Take role as a member of the team seriously and work for the team to represent the company

Team Goals:

-Winning Season: End the season as Brigade Champions

-Go Hard or Go Home: Go into each practice strong and Bring It each and every match

-Improve with each practice: Learn the ways of the game and don't settle for mediocrity

COACH: Nicholle Veltri '11
David Adamic '12
DC Adamic
Benjamin Allen '13
Benjamin Allen
Dexter Booze '12
Dexter Booze
James Degen '12
James Degen
Corey Hill '14
Corey Hill
Ivan Ivashchenko '14
Yasha Khoshroo '13
Felicia Saffold '13
Matthew Abreu '14
Matthew Abreu
Name: Jared Hoff
Hometown: Watertown, SD

What you expect to gain by being a THB Official? I want to actually know the rules to the game of handball

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