D-3 Devils

Welcome to Devil Handball!

Sal Parascandola
Chris Brunner
Jared Davison
Nathan Mayo
Jason Merten
Leslie Davis
Camille Runyans
Mike Lesmeister
Mike Woods
Adam Scott Patterson
Teams Scores
D3 vs. H3 16-56
G3 vs. D3 24-10

This is where the D3 Team Photo would go

Coach: Josh Evans

Team Core Values: (No More than 3)
- Value #1 Teamwork, it is the only way we can get to the brigade championship
- Value #2 Pride, in ourselves and one another will prevent us from failing
- Value #3 Hard Work, we will expierence it this semester because thats what it takes to win

Team Goals: (No More than 3)
- Goal #1 Develop the individuals on the team into a single unit
-Goal #2 Work hard to help add variation to the team's typical workouts
- Goal #3 Win the brigade championship because we can be the best

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