D-1 Ducks

Welcome to Duck Handball!

Coach: Michael Stallings

D1 Ducks
Team Core Values:
- Striving for Consistent Improvement: As cadets, D-1 Ducks must constantly be evolving and adapting to situations and improve where they are lacking.
- No Ego As a player on the D-1 Ducks Handball Team, each member must keep in mind that there is a fine line between confidence and egomania. While other players may be less skilled, members should recall that they were once beginners also.
- Have fun! The pitch is a field of FRIENDLY strife, and we're out here to play a mean game of Team Handball. Members should never forget to enjoy themselves.

Team Goals:
- Winning Season D-1 Ducks enjoy a winning spirit within their company, and a storied history of finalists in several intramural sporting competitions. While we may not reach the finals this season, Ducks always strive to win, and do not settle for less than their best.

Coach: Stallings, Michael
Players: Ro, Priscilla
Mills, Virginia
Koffman, Cody
Hildebrand, Robert
Scutta, Cody
Flores, Asael
Byrn, James
Clawson, Nicholas
Savoie, Phillip
Rivera, Vanessa
Stanley, Drew
Severn, Jacob
Barone, Kyle

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