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2010 Season Awards:
Most Valuable Player: Dual MVP award to Lawrence Massengill and Pat Hester
Most Versatile Player: Brianna Bailey
Most Improved: Claire Williams
Most Goals Scored: Lawrence Massengill
Most Goals Prevented: Pat Hester
(don't have exact statistics but estimate % of shots blocked to be around 0.966)
Best Sportsmanship Award: Tianyi Xin

End of Season Summary:
C3 endured a tough season of losses, often facing larger and more physical teams. However, the W-L column is not the only defining point of the season. C3 pursued all of their team goals (handball proficiency, excellent conditioning, and a winning record). The entire team is now well versed in the sport of handball. Additionally, after several weeks of working out and playing 40 minute games the team is in top physical condition. Yes, the team did not establish a winning record as they went winless, but utlimately the pursuit of a winning record kept C3's heads held high, motivated, and strengthened the resolve to achieve the former two team goals. All players were developed to his or her fullest potential and also really developed a strong team cohesion. C3 also displayed a lot of class and sportsmanship under all circumstances.

Game Cocks
From Left to Right: Danielle Myers, Pat "The Wall" Hester, Tianyi Xin, Tori Prohoda, Lisa Balkema,
Matt Burke, Mary Ann Thomas, Lawrence Massengill, Clarie Williams (Not Present: Brianna Bailey)

Game ****

Coach: Matthew Burke
Victoria Prohoda
Mary Ann Thomas
Tianyi Xin
Brianna Bailey
Lisa Balkema
Ricky Hester
Lawrence Massengill
Danielle Myers
Claire Williams

Game (Opponent) Score Win-Loss Brief Description
Game 1 (G3) 8-10 0-1 C3 played hard in a tough match against G3 and showed some character. Lawrence Massengil had 8 goals, accounting for all of C3's points.
Game 2 (H3) 13-24 0-2 This was a tough match against a good team. C3 held it together though and sharpened their offensive skills, passing the ball around much better. Brianna Bailey scored her first goal.
Game 3 (E3) 25-28 0-3 In his last game of the season Lawrence Massengill, who will be out due to surgery, scored 24 of C3's 25 goals. C3 played hard in a tough loss to the Eagles.
Game 4 (F3) 7-25 0-4 C3 lost in a big way to a tough F-3 team. Plagued by injured and missing players, a diminished C-3 team was outmatched. However, they still displayed heart and and getting pumped for some Inter-Battalion Play.
Game 5 (D3) 17-19 0-5 The match against D3 proved to be the closest of the season. Facing injury, C3 made some temporary changes to their offensive scheme. Hester was moved to circle and replaced by Bailey in goal. Myers scored her first goal of the season.
Game 6 (A3) 18-38 0-6 A3 proved to be just as formidable as rumored. C3 took another hard hit but played well and continued to demonstrate consistent improvement in the playing fundamentals of handball. They look forward to a challenging final match with B3.
Game 7 (B3) 12-39 0-7 In the final match of the season C3 held undefeated B3 to under 40 points. C3 played with a lot of heart and made their company proud even without 3 key players out to injury, surgery, or other committments. Mary Ann Thomas scored her first goal of the season.
Final 100-183 0-7 Goals Scored: 100, Goals Allowed: 183

Official: Nicholas Lorimor
Every company must field an official in addition to a team for Intramural sports. This year Nick Lorimor stepped up and is prepared to provide impartial and unbiased judgement both on and off the court of friendly strife. With a keen sense of awareness and critical understaning of the sport, Nick is sure to to make both C3 and West Point proud.

Team Core Values:
- Sportsmanship: Playing with a high degree of class, honor and dignity is expected of a future officer. Additionally, good sportsmanship is a standard that all athletes should be held to.
- Dedication: This value encompasses a full comittment to pursuing excellence on the Handball Court, a strong resolve to win, and resiliance in the face of adversity.
- Unity: Team cohesion is essential not only for success in a match, but also in the development of a postive team atmosphere.

Team Goals:
1. Become proficient with the rules and strategies of Team Handball- This will ensure that C3 is fully prepared to play at a competitive level and dedicated to performing at their best.
2. Excellent Conditioning- A high level of physical fitness obtained before the start of the regular season will set the team up for success on and off the court. A highly fit team will be a force to be reckoned with as Team Handball is a highly physical sport.
3. Establish a Winning Record- With a topical survey, the wins and losses column is what it all comes down to in any sporting event. Therefore, pursuance of a winning record should be the goal of any team. However, pursuit of a winning record will also have secondary effects; regardless of the season's outcome, C3 will know they did their best and will have developed their teamwork, sportsmanship, athetlic abilities, and knowledge of the game to the fullest potential.

WoTW (Workouts of The Week)
This is the final week of the regular season. No additional workouts are included. The GameCocks will work out on their own to maintain fitness levels.
Workouts before and after game include brief warm-up jog, stretching (particularly arm), and throwing the ball around to cool off.
Drills will also be run in preparation for the game.

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