C-1 Crusaders

Welcome to Crusader Handball!

C1 CA Team Handball

Coach: Nick Pollacia

Team Core Values:
- Trust: Crusaders have faith in fellow teammates and rely on each other to accomplish goals. It is absolutely essential in handball to trust each other to make the right plays and score points.
- Cohesion: Crusaders operate as one team and recognize that it takes the effort of every individual to win the game.
- Initiative: Crusaders are motivated and dedicated to the team and to each other. They take on any challenge with full force.

Team Goals:
- Finish with a winning season: C-1 players work hard during each game and win more games than losses.
- Develop bonds with teammates: All members of the team learn about each other and become closer friends than before joining the team.
- Have fun: Everyone comes to each practice and game with a great attitude and eagerness to play hard and have a good time.

Michelle Bullock Bennett Long
Zachary Dakar Hope Mango
Kyle Ditono Jacob Moore
Gregory Gause Si Park
Darrell Guthrie Alexander Pollack
Jon Haveron Kevin Rose
Philip Hilaire Tye Sanders
Sarah Jeon Natalie Stone
Zachary Kennedy Victoria Walling
John Landsberg Nick Pollacia (Coach)

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