Brotherhood - West Point Men's Team Handball
Brothers & Sisters in Arms
"Brotherhood" is one of our core values because it relates a different type of bond than "teamwork". While teamwork can be both an act and a value, "brotherhood" is more a sense of belonging. Once you join West Point's Team Handball squad, you become a member of a brotherhood and it will connect you will a select group of graduates for the rest of your life. The tradition in our program is proud and distinguished. We have sent players and coaches to the Olympics and to many National Teams and tournaments. You too can be a part of that tradition. Its a tradition that cannot come about by one's own account. This excellence is only achieved through the work of your teammates and brothers, those fellow cadets, the families, and former players who support and lift you up.

The brotherhood we wish to embody also extends to the greater team handball community, especially those here in the USA who are attempting to advance this wonderful sport. Our team has made me proud by being ambassadors of good will to the rest of the US handballers and to the foreign players and refs that we've encountered.

Team USA Huddle
Members of the team as part of Team USA June 2009

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