A-2 Spartans

Welcome to Spartan Handball!Sparta

Coach: Matt Ray
Referee: Stephen Shutte

Clifford Crofford
Kevin Lucas
Josh Kezele
Royd Lutz
Amanda Derrico
Ryun Haugaard
Ryan Fykman
Maighdlin Shea
Dan Strom
Angel Collado
Jae You
Patrick Rachel
Benjamin Ferrell
Judith Li
Mitchell Myers
David Riley
Robert Fiore
John Pozonsky

Team Core Values:
- Intensity- Energy, strength and concentration. Our team will approach each game with 100% and exhibit these three characteristics.
- Determination-A Fixed purose or intention. Each game we will make it our purpose and intention to excel at the sport of handball.
- Professionalism- The charachter of a professional. Win or lose we will behave in a professional manner.

Team Goals:
- Learn a New Sport- Very few of us are familiar with the sport of Handball. This is a great oportunity to have fun and learn.
- Learn to operate as a coheseive unit. We want our team to flow on the court. The communication skills we learn on the court can translate to real life.
- Win the Brigade Championship. Why play if you don't want to win.

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