2011-2012 Preview

Season Starts on Saturday in Montreal
On Thursday, "Coach E", former coach Colonel Mike Endres spoke to the team about his 1998 team success, some stories of his former players, and just life in general. The current team connected immediately with him and look to carry his wisdom into the new season... which starts tomorrow! October 8 and 9 will mark the first official event of the 2011-2012 season with the Tournoi Action de Grâce (English: Thanksgiving Tournament) in Montreal. At 8:30 AM on Saturday West Point Gold will face Celtique of the Quebec league, followed immediately by West Point Black facing Boston for the first of many times in 2011-2012.

The two-day tournament will give both of our teams some great competition early in the season. Black is nearing game-ready condition after six weeks of hard work. Gold will look to climb the steep learning curve as at least six players will play in their first-ever handball game.
On Tuesday we played a full 60-minute intra-squad scrimmage and scored over 75 goals in a fast paced game. Shown here is Firstie Geoff Ranowsky scoring for Gold.

Season Schedule
The rest of the fall semester is highlighted by the Michael Lipov Memorial Cup in Chicago (October 28th to 30th), a trip to the Air Force Academy (November 4th), and a home weekend for the Northeast League on December 2nd and 3rd. The spring semester will feature more tournaments, including the California Cup in Fremont in January, the West Point Invitational in early March, Collegiate Nationals in Richmond, Virginia in April, and Open Nationals in Minneapolis the week before Graduation. Also the black team will play in two other Northeast League weekends in Boston in February and DC in April.

Second Annual Homecoming Game: Cadets Win by Two
For the second year in a row, Army Handball hosted an Alumni vs. Cadets Game on the Friday of Homecoming weekend. Both years the rosters were heavy on the 10-year reunion class, with a few handball players from other classes rounding out the roster. Once again the Alumni lost in a close contest, but no one was too disappointed. This year we had two standouts from the class of 1991 lead the way, Vic Lindenmeyer (who looked like he played on the 2011 team) and Jeff Gabel (the most physical grad on the court).

With a lineup full of members of the class of 2001, shouts of “Strokes” and “B-Duncs” made it seem as if Coach Negin or Coach E was patrolling the sideline. Players from that class included Mike “Strokes” Gilmartin (who can still score on 12 meter jump shots), Major Brian Duncan (who definitely married up), Major Pete Exline (who played a solid game in the goal), Captain Chris Gonzalez (who was solid from either wing or back), and Major Tony Wrice (currently the women’s team coach). Current men’s team coaches Captain Harry Terzic (in DPE) and Major Mike Tilton (’00) rounded out the roster giving the BLACK team a few subs. Major Sean Morrow (who showed up late after teaching last-hour class wearing Class Bs) and Chris Catron (bum knee) made up the coaching staff. Notice in the picture that the only alumni that crossed the aisle to stand with the youth is the current coach. Other "historical" photos" of many of these alumni can be found on our team website. Of course a brief post-game tailgate was in order, as well as the annual discussion about how we need to get a Knight Air team together this year. Next year, we’ll be leaning on members of the Class of 2002 to carry the load. All alumni in town that weekend are welcome to join us! Mark your calendars for October 12th, 2012!

New Season - New Roster

2011-2012 Preview - West Point Men's Team Handball
After a season of success at both College Nationals and Open Nationals, Army Handball kicked off the new academic year with high hopes for the upcoming fall season. Led by captains Greg Ayers ('12) and Mark Conard ('12) the team returned a deep Firstie class including circles Brenden Reber and Joe Clark, backs Eric "Stunna" Jones, Jev Valles, and Geoff Ranowsky, and wing Kevin Rice. Also on Black this semester are also Cows Brian Teaton and Bob Allibone along with the never blinking Kristian Schott in goal. The team is also featuring six new players who will look to contribute including former Army wideout Sean Boyle and two new goalies ready to be molded under the tutelage of coach and former goalie Major Mike Tilton.

The coaching staff has expanded significantly, too. Captain Harry Terzic has joined the DPE team and is helping at practice. Major Sean Morrow has brought his National Team Experience to practice and has made impacts on our circles. Rounding out the staff are Major Lee Evans (Math) and Major George Aubert (TAC).

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